Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K V2 Resin 3D Printer

Pump & Fill -Automated ResinFeeder

Paired with Phrozen Pump & Fill, the Mega 8K V2 ensures your resin vat is always properly filled, eliminating manual refills and resin shortage halfway through a large print job.

Twice MoreComfortable

Sonic Mega 8K V2 features two plug-in air purifiers to keep your printing space cozy and free from odor. No recharge or battery is required, and you can easily swap out the activated carbon filter when needed.

Massive PrintingVolume

Sonic Mega 8K V2 comes with a vast 33 x 18.5 cm XY area and a 40cm tall Z-axis. Making it one of the largest printing volumes on the market, enabling you to easily print large models in one sitting.

8K Perfection

Engineered with an industry-leading XY resolution of 43µm and top-grade light uniformity, you can experience the finest 8K quality your large-scale models truly deserve.

Built-in Drip Hanger