Phrozen SC-801 Clear Resin – 1000g

Sale price$650.00

Phrozen Clear Resins produce highly transparent 3D printed models with ease, allowing you to print optical and other see-through models or prototypes that don’t turn yellowish during the post-curing process. This transparent 3D printer resin makes your unique 3D printing designs come to life.


  • Make sure to preserve resin at room temperature. Store in dark and ventilated conditions. 
  • After printing, please keep used resins in a closed & opaque bottle. Avoid mixing used resin with new resin.
  • Keep resin away from kids and away from direct sunlight exposure.
  • Wear gloves and masks when using resins. If this chemical contacts the skin or eye, wash with plenty of water.
  • DO NOT dump resin. Please cure it and treat it as general plastic garbage.


  • Weight: 1kg per bottle
  • Density: 1.1 g/cm3
  • Viscosity: 90-190 cps
  • Surface Hardness: 70 Shore D
  • UTS: 12 MPa
  • Elongation at Break, EAB: 17 %
  • Tensile modulus: 619MPa
  • Izod notched impact strength: 2.68 KJ/m2