Number 4 Resin Paper Filter

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Designed for LCD 3D printer users, it filters debris from used resins to ensure no residue contaminates the resin.


  • Nylon filter with a fine, even mesh that is resistant to deformation.
  • Thicker paper material, moisture resistant, high load-bearing capacity, effective in use.

It is advisable to filter the tank resin in the following situations:

  • When the finished print has completely or partially failed.
  • In the event that some solidified layer or part of resin adheres to the base of the tank.
  • If at first sight solid particles of resin are observed in the tank.


Pour the resin into the filter, put a container underneath and wait for all the resin to pass through the filter. 


Diameter of paper filter: 13.5 cm; depth of paper filter: 10 cm; depth of filter: 3.3 cm; 5 pieces / bag



Nylon, paper