Nanovia PLA VX: virucide ISO 21702:2019 – 1.75mm – 500g

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Print daily use objects with ease using Nanovia PLA VX, specially designed with additive fabrication in mind. This filament limits the spread and risks of biological contaminants, and is certified ISO 21702:2019

Nanovia PLA VX’s virucidal properties allow the elimination of 98,7% and 99.9% of the H1N1 virus, respectively after a contact period of 2 and 4 hours.

Thanks to its radical action and safe for skin contact, Nanovia PLA VX is perfectly suited for the fabrication of everyday usage items :

Protection of handles and rails in public transportation
Handles (doors, carts, windows, training and sport equipment…)
Communal home appliances (refrigerators, micro-waves, bin covers …)
Sanitary : flush button (WC), sink protection
Buttons (elevators, door bells, light switches…)
Protection reception areas
Consumer electronics : keyboards, computer mice, phone hulls
Pens, tables styluses



Certified Virucide norm ISO 21702 on influenza H1N1 (the H1N1 is a shell virus similar to COVID19) No risk on contact Auto decontamination/ prevents the formation of a biofilm Easy to print Food safe

Printing Guide:

Extrusion T° : 190 – 210 °C Plate T° : 50 – 60 °C Nozzle : > 0.4 mm Printing Speed : 20 – 60 mm/s