Nanovia ISTROFLEX: Biodegradable flexible – 1.75mm – 500g

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Color: Black

Using Nanovia Istroflex, biodegradable oyster shell based composite 3D filament, 3D print every day use flexible projects.

Its flexibillity is perfectly suited for technical parts that require a certain amount of give or bounce such as shock and vibration absorbers, silent blocks, gaskets, interstitial constricted materials, etc…

Developed in conjunction with the technical platform ComposiTIC and Usine de Kervellerin in 2015, Nanovia Istroflex 3D filament was awarded the CCI Morbihan innovation award.


Flexible Biodegradable and compostable Excellent inter layer adhesion ROSH heavy metal free certified Endocrine pertubatur free certified

Printing Guide:

Extrusion T° 250 – 280°C Plate T° 20 – 50 °C Enclosure T° Ambiant Nozzle > 0,4 mm Printing speed 20 – 60 mm/s