ColorFabb Laser Marking PLA – White – 1.75mm – 750g

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Laser Marking PLA contains a laser-sensitive additive that is optimized to work within a 980 – 1064 nm wavelength. The material has been tested successfully with a Nd:YAG- and fiber lasers, and it does not work with CO2 lasers. A proper laser is required for marking the 3D print.

Laser marking has various advantages over conventional marking technologies:

– The markings are permanent, waterproof, wear and heat resistant, lightfast and resistant to chemicals.

– Flexibility in marking design.

– No pre- or post-treatment is required.



  • Suggested Printing Temperature: 195 - 220 °C
  • Suggested Bed Temperature: 50 - 60 °C
  • Suggested Printing Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s