dot 3D FACTORY and Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College are jointly promoting the dot 3D Fossiland project in August 2022, where fossil exhibits will be virtualised and uploaded to 3D model sharing platforms for the public to download. We hope the public can download free learning resources and combine them with STEM and 3D printing technology to explore and learn across generations, times and places.


dot 3D Fossiland  is a collaborative project between two institutions. We hope to contribute to STEM education by making available one-of-a-kind fragile fossils to every student with 3D replication technology. This project aims to make students more interested in using 3D technology as a tool for interdisciplinary learning. We are giving away 100 sets of fossil gift boxes to primary schools in Hong Kong so that children can feel the texture of fossils in their hands, inspiring them to imagine the past ages of the earth.

Scheme Details

1. Scan the fossils and generate 3D files
2. Share the files online so everyone can download and print the fossils themselves
3. Print the files with various printing technologies
4. 100 fossil gift boxes will be distributed to Hong Kong primary schools


• The fossil exhibits are owned by Mr Leung, a former student of the Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College
• Fossil exhibits are loaned by the Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College under permission of Mr Leung
• 3D scanning and printing technologies are provided by dot 3D FACTORY
• The scanned 3D fossils files are owned by dot 3D FACTORY
• You may download, print, and display these 3D fossil models for non-commercial use, crediting dot 3D FACTORY

From the organizers: 

Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College

From 2020 to 2021, to facilitate our internal cross-curricular reading plan, our library established a fossil exhibition space (Fossiland). Alumni Mr Leung has lent a private collection of fossils for students to study. Furthermore, the library holds ore and crystal-themed exhibitions. Various groups and experts donated or loaned out various ore and crystal samples. Both are eye-opening for not just students but many of our staff as well.

Since most of our exhibits, such as fossils, are both precious and easily broken, we couldn’t allow visitors to touch them. To let everyone feel and understand the structure and appearance of ancient creatures in depth, and to inspire the spirit of exploration, we combined STEM and 3D printing technology to recreate realistic fossil models for visitors and students to touch at will. 

- dot 3D FACTORY

The company has always been committed to promoting stem education and integrating 3D printing technology into real-life applications. We hope that through 3D scanning, modeling and printing technology, students can jump out of the textbook and connect interdisciplinary knowledge with real life to have a different perspective on learning. In addition, we believe students can combine 3D technology with creativity to realize their imagination and dreams.

How to download 3D fossil models?

Visit the Thingiverse/Cults3D/Sketchfab websites and search for 'dot 3D Fossiland' or click on the links below to download the 3D fossil model files. If you wish to download coloured 3D models, you may do so by going to Cults3D/Sketchfab.




Crystal Market Exhibition 2022

At the same time, we also joined hands with the Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College at the Crystal Market on 3-4 September this year to introduce the dot 3D Fossiland project to the public.

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