3D Print Your Own MoonCake Night Light DIY Tutorial

3D Print Your Own MoonCake Night Light DIY Tutorial

 Looking to make this year's Mid-Autumn Festival extra special? Download the free "Mooncake Night Light" 3D model now and follow the tutorial below to create your own unique decoration—a festive and playful "mooncake"!

Click here to download the "Mooncake Night Light" 3D model and pre-sliced files.

Once downloaded, you will receive 5 files, including:

  1. Mooncake body
  2. Mooncake cover
  3. Egg yolk
  4. Mooncake sliced file
  5. Egg yolk sliced file

Folders can download

If you have a LCD 3D printer, you can start printing right away. We used the Phrozen Aqua 8K resin and Elegoo Standard Yellow resin for this project. Our engineers have provided pre-sliced files for your convenience. Make sure to adjust the printing settings according to the printing materials. Pay attention to any uncured resin that may still be present in the hole when processing the cleaning process. We recommend sealing the hole during the curing process.

During assembly, you may need to do some minor sanding on the egg yolk part. If you find any uneven surfaces after removing the support structures, those can be sanded as well.

We used a touch-sensitive yellow light with a diameter of 28mm and thickness of 7mm to create the lighting effect in combination with the printed egg yolk. This allows for easy switching on and off by simply pressing the light.

Finished Product Showcase:

Mooncake Night Light

Mooncake Night Light

dot 3D FACTORY wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, filled with togetherness and brightness! We hope you enjoy this tutorial article!

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