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dot 3D Fossiland

dot 3D FACTORY is collaborating with Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College to virtualise fossil exhibits and upload them to 3D model-sharing platforms for the public to download.

TRADE IN Program 2022

From now until 31 August 2022, bring any brand of 3D printers to our stores to participate in the "TRADE IN PROGRAMME"!

3D Printing Advanced Program 2022

Students are able to learn the advacned feature of the 3D printing and modelling process.


Filament Introduction Nanovia ABS Carbon Fiber

There are many plastic filaments. In addition to the familiar PLA, PETG, Nylon, and ABS, there are actually many mixed filaments on the market, just like the ABS and CF that we are going to talk about..

The long-awaited Sonic Mighty 8K* will be rolled out very soon!

With size + productivity all rolled into one, you’ll get to mass produce all your high-quality 3D models with ultra-high 8K resolution!


Turn Your Imagination into a Reality 3D Printing Service

3D Factory provides diversified 3D printing services, transforming your imagination into reality, and realizing your different ideas and creativity. We provide a variety of different plastic materials..


3D World News – Mosaic Palette 3 Released!

Don’t you feel bored when most of the 3D printer out there are just monochromatic or dual-color?


Can 3D Print Prevent Epidemics?

You may not know, but in fact many filament manufacturers have anti-bacteria filaments (Anti-bacteria filament)...


Hard to Choose filament color?

Committed to the global collection of high-quality raw materials brand introduction for 3D users in Hong Kong